May 24, 2022


Welcome to the District Sports Page!

First, thank you for finding us. Hopefully after reading this mission statement and perusing our pages you’ll want to bookmark us and include us in your daily sports coverage of Washington, D.C. professional sports. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our mission here at the District Sports Page is simple: To provide independent daily, quality, analytical, critical and opinionated coverage of your favorite local teams and sports.

Journalism is comprised of the asking and answering of questions: the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of the story. The mainstream media in town do a great job of giving sports fans a broad overview of the Who, What, When and Where of the games and stories they cover, but because they have to cater to a mass audience, the Why and the How often are overlooked.

Hopefully, that’s where we’ll come in.

We’ve put together a roster of some of the most talented, energetic and dedicated independent local journalists to really tear into the Why and How. We’ll provide our readers with in-depth analysis, opinion, context, history, and personality not just on the major stories of the day, but the often-overlooked or hidden aspects of the games and the people that play them.

Because we’re independent, we can dedicate our resources and attention to covering the finer aspects of the stories that involve our teams, and not just provide games stories – though we’ll do that too. But we’ll do it with an eye toward evaluating and analyzing what happened, not just regurgitating the scoring plays.

Another thing we can do is listen to our audience and provide stories and research on the specific things you want to read about. We can – and will – cater to our market, because our market is made up of folks just like us: D.C. area sports fans. If you have a suggestion for a story or how to make our site better, easier to use or more engaging, please don’t hesitate to make a suggestion to one of our editors.

Each of our pages has an editor, someone who will be responsible for the look, feel, content and dialog on the page. We have staff writers who will cover the games and bring you the news. We will also have special contributors, folks who have their own blogs or websites, who will provide their unique viewpoint on the sports they cover. We’ll also have a few columnists that will have free range to post on any of our pages, providing commentary, analysis or opinion on the biggest stories of the day.

Most of our staff have been, and will continue to be, credentialed to cover the games in the arenas and stadiums alongside the mainstream media. Accountability and integrity are integral for us as independent journalists.

Essentially, we’ll be a modern-day sports page, your one-stop shop for the most comprehensive, in-depth, analytical, independent coverage of the teams you – and we – love so much.

Thanks again for checking us out. We hope you’ll make the District Sports Page a regular part of your D.C. pro sports coverage and analysis.

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