August 4, 2020

Washington Capitals Game 3 Postgame Audio: Oates, Ovi, Brouwer & Many More

WASHINGTON–The Washington Capitals became the only team in the Eastern Conference without a win as they were blown out, 4-1, by the Montreal Canadiens at home.  Troy Brouwer called the Capitals (0-3-0) “pathetic” while team captain Alex Ovechkin called tonight “embarrassing”.

“We’ve been out-worked three times, we’ve lost three games,”  Brouwer said.

The Capitals gave up two power play goals early in the second period to break what had been a scoreless tie after the first period and the onslaught was on.

“I think play good in the first period,”  Goalie Michale Neuvirth said.  “Couple bad breaks and then the second period cost us the game.”

The Caps were 4-of-6 on the penalty kill in the game and now a dreadful 11-of-18 on the season.

“Every other team around the NHL seems to be doing all right,”  Brouwer said when asked if they are struggling on special teams due to a shortened preseason.

Defenseman Karl Alzner also doesn’t have any answers.

“Our penalty kill wasn’t good again today. It seems like plays that we’re so used to making we’re not making, we can’t make ‘em or we try to make ‘em and something happens to it. It’s been a combination of things. But one specific thing? I can’t tell you.”

Brouwer felt bad for the crowd tonight.

“I feel bad for the fans,” Brouwer sympathized. “I’d like to finish a game with at least 50 percent of the fans still in the stands. Their reaction is completely warrented. Booing us, we haven’t earned any of their respect…passion, their ambition.”

Listen here to what Adam Oates, Alex Ovechkin, Troy Brouwer, Karl Alzner, Joey Crabb & Jay Beagle had to say following the loss.

Adam Oates Postgame Audio

01-24-13 Adam Oates Postgame RAW

Alex Ovechkin Postgame Audio

01-24-13 Alex Ovechkin Postgame RAW

Troy Brouwer Postgame Audio

01-24-13 Troy Brouwer Postgame RAW

Karl Alzner Postgame Audio

01-24-13 Karl Alzner Postgame RAW

Joey Crabb Postgame Audio

01-24-13 Joey Crabb Postgame RAW

Jay Beagle Postgame Audio

01-24-13 Jay Beagle Postgame RAW


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