September 28, 2020

Five takeaways from the Washington Redskins season finale loss against the Dallas Cowboys

Here are the five biggest takeaways from the Washington Redskins’ 44-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, ending the season at 4-12:

1. Robert Griffin’s performance gets worse as the game goes on.

Griffin’s stats are inflated by big gains after the catch on screen plays, but Griffin did nothing to fuel the offense or put the defense in bad situations. Griffin took another sack that helped stall a drive, although Chris Chester being pushed into your face cannot help in reading progressions down the field. Griffin was also not helped by his receivers when Roy Helu and Niles Paul dropped catchable balls and Jordan Reed didn’t run the necessary depth on a route on fourth down. Before throwing his first interception of the game when not seeing Bruce Carter, Griffin made a heck of a throw to Logan Paulsen in the face of pressure from Anthony Spencer but it was dropped, taking away a scoring opportunity. On Griffin’s second interception he again tried to make a play when coverage was there and was unable to fit it into the window before the tip drill took place.

2. David Amerson has regressed dramatically and may not be a starting piece going forward.

On the Cowboys second drive of the game, the Redskins brought the house against Tony Romo, forcing him to get rid of the ball quickly to Dez Bryant. Amerson had a chance to force the Cowboys into a third-and-long with a tackle, but was pushed out of the way like a ragdoll on Bryant’s way to a long touchdown.

Just a drive later, Romo exploited the matchup again by going to Bryant in the end zone, who was able to tap his toes in the corner before Amerson could push him out. The trouble continued on the next drive when Terrence Williams beat Amerson down field and all Amerson could was tackle him before the ball came down. Although it is unfortunate, the player that was supposedly playing with a new “swagger” during training camp is nowhere in sight. Amerson’s lack of competency leads to another position on a long list of things that need to be addressed this offseason.

3. DeSean Jackson and Trent Williams continue to be bright spots on this offense.

The one bright spot of the game came before the pitiful defensive performance showed up. On the first offensive drive after picking up a first down, Griffin hit DeSean Jackson with a screen pass. Recently named Pro Bowler Trent Williams, who has been beaten and banged up all year and basically playing with one shoulder, sprinted 10 yards down and across the field to lay up Barry Church.

After that block and two quick strides by Jackson, the Redskins had themselves a long touchdown. Although Jackson was supposed to help the run game by stretching the defense, hopefully a few solid adjustments on the offensive line will convert the current talent into a high octane force next year.

4. This game could not have ended sooner.

After cutting the deficit to 27-17, the Redskins gave up a deep pass completion on third-and-16. With the Cowboys keeping their starters in, they easily dissected the Redskins defense to punch in another touchdown. Then, while the Redskins were gaining yards during garbage time, Jordan Reed carelessly fumbled the football.

On the ensuing play, Ryan Clark missed yet another tackle in the backfield as Lance Dunbar took the rock up the middle for a 65-yard touchdown. This game was so bad that by the end of it, the Redskins had third-string tight end Logan Paulsen playing left tackle, where he got blown up on every play and even committed a false start penalty.

5. The offseason could not be here soon enough.

The Redskins have huge problems to fix all over their team. The only players that must be retained is a rather short list, which includes DeSean Jackson, Trent Williams, Alfred Morris, Ryan Kerrigan, Keenan Robinson, and Baushad Breeland.

The Redskins have to hope that they can draft solid players with the ability to start as well as sign quality players in free agency without breaking the bank. It will be a long time before this team can compete for championships but they are a handful of quality players on both sides of the ball from being decently competitive in the future. In the near future, the Redskins need to hope the severity of Trent William’s ankle injury is mild.

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