September 2, 2014

NATS: Happy Birthday, Adam LaRoche


2012 Washington Nationals First Baseman and Gold Glove Winner Adam LaRoche was born on 11/06/1979 in Orange County, California.

David Adam LaRoche is now a free agent, however, it has been reported that the Nationals are continuing to have contract discussions with LaRoche. According to, the two parties are not close to a deal. The Nationals made a qualifying offer of $13.3 million to LaRoche on Friday and has until this Friday, November 9 at 5 p.m. ET to accept the offer.

Wishing #25 a happy 33rd birthday.

Adam LaRoche pumps first after watching the winning run score from his walk-off single – Washington Nationals 1924 Throwback Night, 7/05/2012. (Cheryl Nichols/District Sports Page)

Adam LaRoche homers on a fly ball to right field and Ryan Zimmerman scores in the 6th – Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals, 9/6/2012. (Cheryl Nichols/District Sports Page)

Adam LaRoche doubles on a sharp line drive to right fielder Giancarlo Stanton in the 10th inning – Miami Marlins v. Washington Nationals, 9/7/2012. (Cheryl Nichols/District Sports Page)

Adam LaRoche smiling at fans welcoming him back after missing a few games – Philadelphia Philles v. Washington Nationals, August 1, 2012. (Cheryl Nichols/District Sports Page)

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