July 12, 2020

NATS: Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Ride on ESPN E:60

In case you missed it on ESPN on Tuesday night, here is the video featuring Senator John McCain, Ken Burns, Washington Nationals Racing Presidents, Nats’ Tom Davis, Let Teddy Win blog and many fans. Surprised that there was no mention of Jayson Werth and his thoughts on Teddy always losing.

Fun side note: I make a very brief appearance in one of the last race clips taking photos during the June 17 game.

About Cheryl Nichols

Cheryl Nichols is a Columnist and Photographer for District Sports Page. She is credentialed to cover the Washington Capitals and has reported on the community service and fan events since 2006. Cheryl has been published in The Washington Post and many other local media. She was a credentialed photographer for the 2010 season covering the Washington Nationals. You can follow her on Twitter @cnichols14.

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