February 28, 2021

NATS: Washington Nationals Ian Desmond Launches “Spread the Glove” Campaign

Shortstop Ian Desmond returned to the lineup – New York Mets v. Washington Nationals, August 17, 2012. (Cheryl Nichols/District Sports Page)

“Spread the Glove is a project close to my heart that I would like to expand on many levels. This is just the beginning of how all of us can help make a difference. We cannot help everyone at one time, but we can start one person at a time. Thank you for joining me on my first project…the first of many more to come. Spread the Glove.” – Ian Desmond, Washington Nationals Shortstop

“Spread the Glove” is a campaign started by Ian Desmond to partner up with Washington Nationals fans and give back to charity. Fans will be able to nominate a charity in 350 characters of less on www.IanDesmond20.com until November 10, 2012 and tell Ian why that charity is a good choice.

At the end of Spread the Glove, Ian will present the winning charities a donation on behalf of Ian Desmond fans and himself. Winners of the charity will receive an appearance by Ian Desmond at their organizations facility and fans that nominated the charity will be recognized on all of Desmonds’ social media outlets.


  • Only one entry per person on www.iandesmond20.com
  • Three organizations will be chosen as the grand prize winning organization.
  • Prize money will go directly to wining charity from Ian Desmond and be presented on behalf of Ian and his fans and not to the individual whom posted the entry on www.iandesmond20.com.
  • Fans who posted winning entries will be acknowledged by Ian via his social media of Twitter, Facebook and www.iandesmond20.com website.
  • All entries in order to be considered must be entered via www.iandesmond20.com
  • Charity must be of 501(c)(3) status.
  • Prize money will be awarded within 4-6 weeks upon completion of contest.
  • Winning organization will be contacted by Two Affix, LLC within 10-12 business days upon completion of contest. Winning organization will be contacted via Certified U.S. Regular Mail and E-Mail.
  • If winning organization does not claim prize within 10 days after being contacted by Two Affix LLC, another organization will be chosen for the winning funds.
  • Any merchandise that is damaged can be returned for exchange only within 5 business days of receipt of product.
About Cheryl Nichols

Cheryl Nichols is a Columnist and Photographer for District Sports Page. She is credentialed to cover the Washington Capitals and has reported on the community service and fan events since 2006. Cheryl has been published in The Washington Post and many other local media. She was a credentialed photographer for the 2010 season covering the Washington Nationals. You can follow her on Twitter @cnichols14.

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