October 19, 2020

Washington Redskins Re-sign Tight End Fred Davis Agree To One-Year Deal

It took a little longer than expected, but Redskins tight end Fred Davis has decided to stay in Washington. According to multiple reports, Davis agreed to a one-year contract Friday morning to remain with the team through 2013.

The 27-year old tight end made his decision to return to the Redskins after being briefly courted by teams such as the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. But in the end, he decided that Washington was still the best fit for him.

Davis, who is entering his sixth season in the NFL, is coming off a serious achilles tendon injury that ended his season in a Week 7 game against the New York Giants. It appears other teams in the league were reluctant to sign him to a long term deal because of his health issues and his history of violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Add in the fact that the Redskins had the best quarterback situation among the teams interested in him, and it’s easy to see why Davis chose to return for another year.

The one year deal is a win-win for both sides. For the team, it’s a low-risk signing to bring back one of their most explosive players on offense. For Davis, it’s a chance to get healthy, perform at a high level, and get paid in 2014.

Despite the team’s salary cap troubles due to the league’s $18 million dollar penalty, the Redskins’ have been able to continue their offseason trend of keeping their own. With Davis back in the fold, they have now handed out 11 new contracts to players who were on the team in 2012. The only major contributor to sign elsewhere was Pro Bowl special teamer Lorenzo Alexander, who left for the Arizona Cardinals.

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