August 14, 2022

Washington Wizards Game 58 Postgame Audio: Wittman, Wall, Beal & Price

Late in the game, Beal jumped to challenge a shot and landed awkwardly, twisting his ankle and landing in a heap.

“I just jumped in the air and came down on my own. Ended up rolling it,” he said.

“I’m grateful it wasn’t my knee, but it still felt bad,” Beal described from the locker room. “Whenever you have something like that, like an ankle sprain where it rolls over completely, it feels bad. I’m thankful it wasn’t my knee or anything too, too serious.”

Beal moved around gingerly while meeting with press and the team has him listed day-to-day.

“I got an x-ray,” Beal said. “It looks the same, looks normal I just have to see how it feels tomorrow.”

“I honestly thought it was more serious than what it was. At first I really couldn’t move my foot, I couldn’t really feel it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re just in shock, when your mind’s just going all over the place. I’m grateful to have the teammates that I have and they have my back.”

For Beal’s complete comments, plus those of head coach Randy Wittman, John Wall and A.J. Price, please click the links below.

03-03-13 Randy Wittman Postgame RAW

03-03-13 John Wall Postgame RAW

03-03-13 Bradley Beal Postgame RAW

03-03-13 AJ Price Postgame RAW

Washington Wizards Game 53 Postgame Audio: Wittman, Wall, Beal & more

The Washington Wizards survived a late scare but held on to defeat the Denver Nuggets, 119-113, at Verizon Center Friday night. Seven Wizards, led by Bradley Beal and Emeka Okafor with 17 points apiece, hit double digits for the Wizards in what head coach Randy Wittman described as, “really a quality win for us in so many ways.”

“It was good to see us get back to playing our game,” Wittman said. “Everybody contributed. I stick Garrett Temple in there the last minute of the third quarter, and he comes up with three big points—picks up that shot in the corner, gets fouled and knocks down the free throw. Everybody came in and really contributed for us.”

Beal described the feeling of the Wizards as constant underdogs, even at home. “I think sometimes when we play so-called better teams, we feel as though we have something to prove. I think we come out harder, that much harder and just compete.”

For Wittman and Beal’s complete comments, plus those of John Wall, Okafor and A.J. Price, please click the links below.

02-22-13 Randy Wittman Postgame RAW

02-22-13 Bradley Beal Postgame RAW

02-22-13 John Wall Postgame RAW

02-22-13 Emeka Okafor Postgame RAW

02-22-13 AJ Price Postgame RAW

Washington Wizards Game Wrap 35: Wizards Cruise to Third Straight Win with 120-91 Victory over Magic

The Washington Wizards (7-28) pulled the plug on the Orlando Magic (13-24) at the Verizon Center Monday night as Washington banked its most impressive victory of the season thus far – a 120-91 rout – to mark their third straight win.

At last, basketball has returned to the district.

Yes, John Wall was back in action for a second night in a row off the bench. More importantly, however, there was no single hero Monday night. The Wizards shared the wealth – and moved the ball – and as a result, six players for Washington tallied double-digit points. Emeka Okafor led the pack with 19 points and 11 rebounds, while A.J. Price and Kevin Seraphin tied with 18 points apiece.

The mere presence of John Wall seemed to help the Wizards get back on their feet again. Wall added 12 points and six assists to the mix during his second night back, but more importantly, he seemed to return confidence to a roster that seemed lifeless only weeks ago.

“[Wall] brings an added dimension that nobody had, that’s honesty,” said head coach Randy Wittman after the game. “His energy, his speed, his enthusiasm, his delivering of the ball…He sees the floor very well, not all guys see that.”

The Wizards’ defense was not quite picture-perfect,  but the Magic shot just 42.5% from the field. Even more, Washington drew key fouls and learned to play small ball to rack up points. In fact, they held off on attempting a three-pointer until less than 4:30 remained in the first half.

By the time Wall checked in – with 5:35 remaining in the first quarter – the Wizards were already off to a 16-11 lead, helped by eight consecutive free throws made by A.J. Price, Bradley Beal and Martell Webster collectively.

After Kevin Seraphin laid down the perfect block on Arron Afflalo, the Wall of old made his first appearance of the night with a fast break layup to widen Washington’s lead to 24-18.

The Magic’s Glen Davis responded with a layup of his own, but the Wizards carried a less-than-comfortable six-point lead into the second quarter.

Washington wasted little time heating up in the second quarter. By the time Price sank a 25-footer with 8:47 remaining, Washington had expanded their lead to 11 points.

Just under three minutes later, that lead grew to 16 points, thanks in part to an 8-0 run by unlikely hero Jan Vesely. Vesely capped off his stint with his second of several noteworthy dunks on the night.

With less than five minutes remaining in the half, Trevor Ariza sank a three, and Beal followed up with a jumper and layup to put Washington up 19 points.

Then, the Wizards returned to old habits.

In just two minutes and 14 seconds, they handed back 13 of 19 points to the Magic unanswered due to a missed alley-oop layup by Wall and two petty turnovers. Josh McRoberts added salt to the wounds by making the last basket a buzzer beater dunk to trim the Wizards’ lead to 59-53.

Unlike the Wizards of earlier this season, this team returned to the court ready to earn back the points they shed.

“I liked what I saw today in our guys’ eyes at halftime,” Wittman said. “It showed right away in the third quarter, we immediately built it up to 10, 12, 13 right away. It’s a good sign.”

The Wizards and Magic went back-and-forth throughout most of the third quarter, with Washington maintaining a 10-point lead throughout, give or take.

Leading 81-71, Vesely pitched the ball to Webster, who drew the three-and-one from the wing to put the Wizards out front by 15.

Before the end of the quarter, fans were treated to a pair of monster slams by Beal and Seraphin, and Washington regained a 19-point lead.

Then, in the fourth quarter, the Wizards did not only dominate, they put on a show.

To set the tone, Washington wowed the crowd with a John-to-Jan alley-oop to make it 98-77 with just under 10 minutes left to play.

With just under five minutes left, Trevor Ariza kicked off the dunk show before Seraphin dropped two hammers of his own to blow it open for Washington, 113-87. A.J. Price followed up with a three-pointer before the Wizards officially celebrated their first three-game win-streak of the season with a final score of 120-91.

Taking into account how the WIzards have performed throughout the majority of the season thus far, fans are left wondering if the win streak represents a change in momentum on the season or a fluke amidst a string of terrible losses, soon to again become the norm.

“We lost so many close games that I think once we started losing so many in a row, I think it kind of became a mental thing,” Price said. “When we got to the fourth quarter, for whatever reason, we just couldn’t execute because it was stuck in the back of our heads. I think now that the tide has turned a bit, we shouldn’t have to worry about that for the rest of the year.”

In order to prolong their win streak, the Wizards will have to carry their momentum away from home as they embark on a five-game road trip while the district prepares for the presidential Inauguration events taking place this weekend.

Wizards beat Magic 120-91 Postgame Audio: Wittman, Wall, Vesely, Price, Beal

WASHINGTON–The Washington Wizards put on a show, blowing out the Orlando Magic 120-91.  The Wizards had season high in points and put up a season-high 37 in the third quarter alone.  Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman was very pleased with their third win in a row.

“As I told them, that was a beautiful thing tonight.”

The Wizards had six in double-figures, including forward Jan Vesely with 10 points, seven rebounds, four assists and was a plus 29.

“That was a great game,”  Vesely said. “Everybody enjoyed playing. We played together and helped each other on defense. On offense, we just had fun. It was a great game to play.”

Guard John Wall had 12 points and six assists in his second game back and Randy Wittman knows what good guard play can bring to this team.

“If you get good guard play, you have a chance to win games. John coming back helps that, obviously.”

The Wizards shot 56.1% on the night, first time all season they’ve gone over the 50% mark from the field.

Whenever we move the ball, we have movement off the ball and then playing great defense, we’re a great team…it’s going to be tough to really deal with us down the stretch,”  rookie guard Bradley Beal said.

Listen here to what Randy Wittman, John Wall, Jan Vesely, A.J. Price & Bradley Beal had to say following the win.

Randy Wittman Postgame Audio

01-14-13 Randy Wittman Postgame RAW

John Wall Postgame Audio

01-14-13 John Wall Postgame RAW

Jan Vesely Postgame Audio

01-14-13 Jan Vesely Postgame RAW

A.J. Price Postgame Audio

01-14-13 AJ Price Postgame RAW

Bradley Beal Postgame Audio

01-14-13 Bradley Beal Postgame RAW



Wizards Postgame Audio: Wittman, Beal & Many More Talk Win!

WASHINGTON–The Washington Wizards defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 101-99 in their fifth victory of the season.  Bradley Beal had 22 points including the game winner and with three regular guys out due to injuries, Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman was very pleased with Beal’s and everyone else’s effort tonight.

“I couldn’t of been more prouder of a group of guys then these guys showed me tonight,”  Wittman said.

Beal, even though they shot 10 of 18 from three, said it was their defense that won it today.  Beal also talked about the effort AJ Price and Trevor Ariza gave, since without them, they would’ve only had seven guys play tonight.  Wittman said he begged them to play, but had full doctor approval before hand.  Price said he’s been wanting to play for a few games.

Listen here to what Randy Wittman, Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, A.J. Price, Martell Webster & Jan Vesely had to say following the win.

Randy Wittman Postgame Audio

01-07-13 Randy Wittman Postgame RAW

Bradley Beal Postgame Audio

01-07-13 Bradley Beal Postgame RAW

Trevor Ariza Postgame Audio

01-07-13 Trevor Ariza Postgame RAW

A.J. Price Postgame Audio

01-07-13 AJ Price Postgame RAW

Martell Webster Postgame Audio

01-07-13 Martell Webster Postgame RAW

Jan Vesely Postgame Audio

01-07-13 Jan Vesely Postgame RAW

Washington Wizards Game Wrap 4: Bradley Beal, Brandon Jennings ejected in Wizards’ 101-91 Loss to Bucks

The Washington Wizards (0-4) hit the ground running Friday night with a 12-0 start led by none other than Bradley Beal, but the Milwaukee Bucks (3-1) exhausted Washington’s inconsistent defense, and sent the Wizards on their flight to Indiana with a 101-91 loss and a winless record.

Beal looked sharp, despite being matched against Monta Ellis. He scored a career-high 22 points and demonstrated the aggressiveness he otherwise lacked in the Wizards’ previous three games.

But, despite Beal’s delivery, the Wizards failed to capitalize on key opportunities and even passed on seemingly open shots on numerous occasions.

“I tell our guys every day, ‘If you turn down an open shot in this league, the next shot you take is going to be covered, I guarantee you,’” said Wizards head coach Randy Wittman after the game. “I thought we did that a couple times. We just got to keep plugging, keep emphasizing the positives.”

It took the Bucks just over three minutes to tie the game at 14 points apiece in the first quarter. However, the Wizards continued to carry some momentum to keep within five.

Trailing 21-16, Emeka Okafor jammed one and Trevor Ariza picked up a board, allowing Chris Singleton to sink a long jumper to bring the Wizards back within one. The Wizards and Bucks would go on to exchange the lead five more times before the Bucks finished the quarter with a 30-28 lead, thanks to a Beno Udrih jumper.

In the second quarter, the Wizards managed just 19 points and shot 35 percent from the floor as the Bucks held all but Jordan Crawford to less than five points in the period. The Wizards handed the Bucks seven turnovers in the quarter, and Milwaukee made the most of their chances in time to enter the half with a 56-47 lead.

The start of the second half looked very much like the first for the Wizards. Beal sparked a 12-4 run with a long jumper and the Trevors teamed up for an alley oop sunk by Booker, which got a large portion of the otherwise quiet crowd back on its feet. Beal’s one-handed dunk, a jumper by A.J. Price and a three-pointer from Ariza allowed the Wizards to tie it yet again, this time at 62 apiece.

With 20 seconds left in the third quarter, Jan Vesely pulled through with a hook shot to keep things tied, 72-72. As quickly as he dealt for the Wizards, however, he returned the favor to the Bucks. His foul on Udoh, allowed Udoh to sink a jumper and one to give the Bucks a 75-72 lead.

Things got ugly for the Wizards at a quicker pace in the fourth quarter. The Bucks jumped ahead to an 85-72 lead before the Wizards responded, but Milwaukee clearly maintained control of the game throughout. When there weren’t open windows for the Bucks, they outran the Wizards’ defense and made opportunities themselves. Marquis Daniels, Udrih, Brandon Jennings and Ellis all managed steals against Washington in the fourth quarter.

The Wizards certainly showed some fight. With just under six minutes left in the game, Booker wowed the Bucks with a one-handed driving dunk off a bad pass by Larry Sanders, trimming Milwaukee’s lead to 85-78. As was the case throughout the night, however, the Bucks even bested that performance – as Sanders one-upped Booker just over 30 seconds later with a one-handed jam of his own.

But, the Wizards wouldn’t go down without a fight – figuratively and nearly literally. The Bucks had a commanding 99-90 lead with less than 30 seconds remaining in the game when Beal managed a flagrant foul on Ellis. Jennings stepped in to defend his teammate – by shoving Beal after the whistle – and both Jennings and Beal were ejected from the game. On free throws by Price and Ellis, the Bucks sealed their win with a 101-91 lead at the buzzer.

After the game, Beal was asked if the Wizards were beginning to feel discouraged.

“That is one thing we most definitely try to avoid,” Beal asserted. “I mean, once we get that, we hang our heads low, then we come out sluggish, and then teams really start beating us. And then, we just get into the, ‘I don’t care anymore’ mode.

“We’re still strong,” he added. “We’ve still got 70-plus games left. I think we’re right there. It’s a long season.”

The Wizards are back on the road again Saturday night to face the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

In order to avoid inching any closer to repeating last year’s 0-8 record at the start of the season, the Wizards will need to show that they not only can attack early on but – more importantly – with consistency throughout the game.

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