May 29, 2020

Washington Nationals sending Bryce Harper to AAA makes sense all the way around

To read comments from some national baseball writers, the Washington Nationals decision to send Bryce Harper down to the minor leagues to start the season was “the right thing to do,” simply because the player is just 19 years gold.

Bryce Harper watching game from the dugout during spring training (Cheryl Nichols/District Sports Page)

I’m not a scout, but what I saw of Harper last week while in Florida indicated to me he needs to see a good bit of Triple-A level pitching before he’s ready to be a difference-making contributor at the Major League level, and I’m guessing that Mike Rizzo felt the same way. [Read more…]

Cameron retires, muddying Nationals center field picture

Mike Cameron, 17-year Major League veteran, announced his retirement today before ever stepping on a field as a member of the Washington Nationals. The 39-year old signed a one-year, minor league contract with the Nats earlier this off-season, but decided to hang up his spikes before Spring Training even started. Cameron was a solid big leaguer for a long time with a great blend of power, speed and natural defensive instincts in center field.

The announcement comes as surprise to the Nats, who expected Cameron to at least compete in spring training to be the right-handed hitting bench bat and defensive replacement, and potentially even platooning with Rick Ankiel in center field. Now, the picture is less than clear. [Read more…]

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