April 18, 2015

Do the Washington Capitals risk part of their fan base if they miss the playoffs?

If the Washington Capitals fail to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs do they risk losing a significant portion of their fan base?

The Washington, D.C. market fan base has long been a target of ridicule from other cities. Fans of other cities up and down (but mostly, up) the east coast often chide D.C. fans as being unapologetic, less-than sophisticated homers — bandwagoners if you will — cheering for the teams of the region when they’re winning and forgetting about them when they struggle. It’s a fair criticism.

This town is transient by nature. Hardly anybody that lives here is from here. Entire neighborhoods turn over every few years. It’s no secret that many families have dual allegiances: parents fans of the teams they grew up with in other parts of the country, kids rooting for the locals because that’s where they are growing up. [Read more…]

Capitals shouldn’t take regular season for granted

Hockey is hard.  If it were easy, everyone would win a Cup.  Twenty-nine teams lose every year.”

I wrote those words from Bradenton, Florida on May 6, 2011,  24 hours after the Lightning completed their four-game sweep of the Washington Capitals in the playoffs last spring, ending the Caps season in disappointing fashion.  Those words above were meant to convey solace at the time, being unceremoniously dumped from the playoffs again.  But these days, maybe everyone needs a reminder about the seriousness of this game.

Being almost a year removed doesn’t make it any easier if you’re a Caps fan.  Last year ended the same way every other season has in the franchise’s 38-year history: with no Stanley Cup. [Read more…]

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