August 14, 2022

Maryland Basketball: Big Ten champion Hoosiers embarrass Terps to end regular season

(Photo by: @TestudoTimes)

(Photo by: @TestudoTimes)

The Maryland Terrapins have already clinched a double bye in the Big Ten tournament, but Mark Turgeon does not want to play with nothing to lose against Indiana because you “set yourself up for embarrassment.” Whether the Terps were looked ahead or not we will never know, but what we do know is that they did get embarrassed on national television. After giving up a 23-6 run to end the first half, Maryland was not competitive for the rest of the bout. Their offense was mind-numbingly atrocious, while their transition defense was not much better. The Terrapins might be one of the coldest teams in the country for their talent as they drop four of their last six; this one 80-62.

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