July 15, 2020

Redskins share Christmas memories, help kids find coats for the holidays

If you closed your eyes, it almost sounded like a playground.

The hum of kids’ voices dominated a cozy corner at the Macy’s in D.C.’s Metro Center Tuesday morning, where the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and the store were hosting a “Covered for the Holidays” event for underserved kids in the DMV. Students who attended received winter coats, goodie bags and toy balloons, with Redskins players Doug Worthington and Joshua Morgan on hand to help out.

Morgan knows where these kids are coming from.

“I experienced it, ’cause I was in these children’s places. I was some of these kids just searching and hoping [that there would be] somebody to help me out,” Morgan said. “You never know how many lives you can change just by showing up to something like this.”

During a brief interlude as the event transitioned from one student group to the next, Worthington, and later Morgan, shared their favorite Christmas memories with District Sports Page.

Morgan estimates his favorite Christmas memory came somewhere around 11 years old, when he was finally allowed to go outside and play football on Christmas–but there was one hiccup: that year, so much snow had fallen that it came up to his waist.

“We were so excited our parents finally let us go outside and play football on Christmas–[we] couldn’t even make it to the football field,” he remembers. “Couldn’t make it off the porch, honestly. Walked right into all the snow.”

Worthington remembers, when he was six or seven, that his father had nothing under the tree–“It was just kind of heartbreaking, I didn’t know if I did bad in school”–but then, when Worthington woke up, it ended up being the “biggest Christmas ever.”

Worthington said he started waking up earlier to see if he could ever catch his father in the act, which he thinks he did once, but never on the scale of that one Christmas.

“He just always used to make Christmas pretty special,” Worthington says.

The Redskins’ charitable foundation and Macy’s had up to 300 coats, scarves and hats ready to donate Tuesday. It was one of three events the team will hold in their “Season of Sharing,” which centers on giving back to the community during the holiday season.

Worthington joked about steering the kids away from the dark blue or gray colored coats, but in the end put color as secondary importance.

“As long as it fits and they’re warm, that’s all that  matters,” he said.

Doug Worthington and a young DMV student chat at Tuesday’s event. (Photo by Elisabeth Meinecke/District Sports Page)

There’s more than one way to wear a new winter coat! (Photo by Elisabeth Meinecke/District Sports Page)

(Photo by Elisabeth Meinecke/District Sports Page)

Is Joshua Morgan the biggest kid of them all!? (Photo by Elisabeth Meinecke/District Sports Page)

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