February 25, 2020

Maryland Terrapins 2015-16 Season Position Outlook: Point Guard

(Photo by: AP Photo)

(Photo by: AP Photo)

In what will be a special season for the Maryland Terrapins basketball team, how great they really are will likely start and stop with point guard Melo Trimble who is coming off of a historic and record breaking freshman year. One might think that Trimble will have a difficult time trying to improve on a season where he averaged 16 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists per game, but with more weapons, greater understanding of the game, and a better shaped body that should be no problem at all. He was not picked to be the Big Ten player of the year for nothing.

During the Terps Media Day, Mark Turgeon has mentioned that last year Trimble was asked to take on more of a scoring load while this year he will be needed to be more of a traditional point guard as a distributor. No doubt will Trimble be one of the Terrapins primary scoring option because his 41.2 percent shooting percentage from beyond the arc and knack of getting to the free throw line, nearly seven free throws attempted per game, is unmatched.

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