November 27, 2021

For the Nats and Strasburg, at what point is enough, enough?


I was going to start this column by listing all the members of the Washington Nationals 40-man roster who spent time on the disabled list this season. But I stopped for fear I wouldn’t have room to actually make my point after that.

We’ve already seen plenty of “What wrong with the Nationals” or “Most disappointing team in the majors” pieces being written about the club, but the simple fact remains: The organization was able to field its projected starting lineup twice this season — all season — and not until late August when they were already 5 1/2 game out in the division. [Read more…]

Washington Nationals: Strasburg’s shutdown best for player and organization long-term

Stephen Strasburg pitches at Nationals Park earlier this season. (Cheryl Nichols/District Sports Page)

The Washington Post had an article today where the Washington Nationals players discussed, in varying degrees of concern, GM Mike Rizzo’s plan to shut down All-Star starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg somewhere around 180 innings pitched this season, which would void him pitching the last two-to-three starts of the regular season and any potential playoff games. The players, generally, are resigned to the fact that they may have to play in the playoffs without their ace starter. Some are less happy about it than others. Their reaction is not shocking. [Read more…]

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