August 31, 2014

Timeline of Washington Capitals off-season and lockout progression

by Dave Nichols and Ted Starkey

The NHL and NHLPA tentatively agreed on a deal to end the lockout, allowing NHL players to return to their teams in preparation for a shortened 2013 season. With that in mind, we’ll take a look back in timeline form of the off-season news, including transactions that will affect the Washington Capitals on the ice. For, you know, when they actually return to it.

The Caps actually had a pretty significant off-season, what with naming a head coach and completely new coaching staff, trading a prized prospect for that ever-elusive top line center, and signing a reclamation project as a complementary scoring winger.

We’ll have a much more in-depth evaluation of the roster in the coming days, but for now, here’s the story of a much-too-long off-season for the Caps and the NHL.

May 12, 2012 – Capitals lose Game 7 of Eastern Conference Semifinal series 2-1 to the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, ending the team’s season.

May 14, 2012 – At Washington’s breakdown day, Capitals coach Dale Hunter announces he won’t return to club.

June 22, 2012 – At the 2012 NHL Draft, Washington acquires center Mike Riberio from the Dallas Stars in exchange for Cody Eakin and the Capitals’ 54th overall selection.

June 26, 2012 – Washington announces the hiring of former Devils assistant coach and former Capitals forward Adam Oates as the team’s head coach.

June 29, 2012 – Bargaining between NHL, NHLPA begins.

July 2, 2012 – Washington signs former Maple Leafs forward Joey Crabb.

July 3, 2012 – Washington signs former Predators defenseman Jack HIllen.

July 5, 2012 – Washington re-signs center Mathieu Perreault and forward Jay Beagle.

July 11, 2012 – Washington signs former Florida forward Wojtek Wolski.

July 13, 2012 – NHL presents initial proposal that reduces players’ share of hockey-related revenue to a reported 43 percent.

July 16, 2012 – Washington re-signs defenseman Mike Green.

Aug. 14, 2012 – NHLPA makes first proposal.

Aug. 15, 2012 – NHL rejects NHLPA’s offer.

Aug. 28, 2012 – NHL offers players 46 percent of HHR.

Sept. 12, 2012 – NHLPA makes offer, which is immediately rejected by the NHL.

Sept. 13, 2012 – Owners meet in New York, and unanimously vote to lock out players when current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires at 11:59 on Sept. 15, 2012.

Sept. 14, 2012 – Washington re-signs defenseman John Carlson.

Sept. 16, 2012 – With no deal in place, lockout begins at midnight.

Sept. 19, 2012 – NHL cancels preseason games through Sept. 30.

Sept 22, 2012 – NHL fines Red Wings senior vice president Jim Devellano for an interview with Island Sports News where players were equated to cattle.

Sept. 27, 2012 – NHL cancels remainder of preseason.

Oct. 4, 2012 – NHL cancels regular-season games through Oct. 24.

Oct. 16, 2012 – NHL offers 50-50 split on revenue and says it is willing to preserve 82-game schedule.

Oct. 17, 2012 – NHLPA rejects offer.

Oct. 18, 2012 – NHLPA offers three proposals, which NHL quickly rejects.

Oct. 19, 2012 – NHL cancels games through Nov. 1.

Oct. 26, 2012 – NHL cancels game through Nov. 30.

Nov. 2, 2012 – NHL cancels Winter Classic between Detroit and Toronto in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Nov. 21, 2012 – NHLPA makes proposal with 50-50 split and $392 million “make whole provision.” NHL rejects proposal.

Nov. 23, 2012 – 2013 NHL All-Star Game, scheduled for Jan. 27, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio, is cancelled.

Nov. 28, 2012 – Two sides meet with federal mediators, who say after two days sides are far apart.

Dec. 4, 2012 – Two sides meet without Gary Bettman and Don Fehr, sparking some progress in talks.

Dec. 5, 2012 – With progress, NHL Board of Governors meet briefly as progress seen being made.

Dec. 6, 2012 – Talks fall apart, leading to harsh words on both sides.

Dec. 10, 2012 – NHL cancels games through Dec. 30.

Dec. 13, 2013 – Two sides meet with mediator in suburban New Jersey, with no success.

Dec. 14, 2012 – NHL files class-action suit against players to establish legality of lockout.

Dec. 20, 2012 – NHL cancels games through Jan. 14.

Dec. 27, 2012 – NHL e-mails new proposal, sparking new round of discussions.

Dec. 31, 2012 – Two sides resume bargaining.

Jan. 4, 2013 – With progress made, federal mediator Scot Beckenbaugh works to iron out difference between two sides.

Jan. 6, 2013 – After a 16-hour bargaining session at 4:45 a.m., the two sides reach a tentative agreement to end the lockout.


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