September 1, 2014

Washington Capitals Cleanout Day Audio: The bosses

Audio courtesy Sky Kerstein.

The Washington Capitals held their final media availability Wednesday after their ouster from the playoffs by the New York Rangers for the second year in a row. Below is raw audio of George McPhee and Adam Oates’ press conferences.

“I don’t think there’s a league conspiracy but it sure didn’t feel right. Alex wasn’t wrong,” McPhee said when asked about Ovechkin’s comments about the officiating. “I talked to them during the series but at some point you stop. They’ll referee the way they want to referee.”

“I think over the course of the summer you’re gonna think about a lot of little things and evaluate yourself,” Adam Oates said about his first season as a head coach in the NHL. “You try to think of mistakes and what you could have done better and all the little things.”

05-15-13 George McPhee Presser 1

05-15-13 George McPhee Presser 2

05-15-13 George McPhee Presser 3

05-15-13 George McPhee Presser 4

05-15-13 Adam Oates Presser 1

05-15-13 Adam Oates Presser 2

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