May 26, 2018

Caps’ John Carlson gets a haircut, finally

This is hockey, and there will always be something to talk about besides a player’s performance on the ice, even on a night when your chosen team isn’t playing.

For Washington Capitals fans, that something else is often a player’s grooming habits. Namely those of defensemen John Carlson and Mike Green.

Green showed up for training camp looking like he spent the lockout with Tom Hanks on a deserted island, complete with a shaggy, unkempt beard, his dark hair almost down to his shoulders. He ended up shaving the beard, but kept his hair long, a far cry from the short mohawk he has sported in seasons past.

Carlson, however, was a different story. He emerged from the depths of the lockout with long hair too – but is now having the worst start of his young career. He is third worst in the league for goals against so far this season.

To be fair, Carlson is one of the players who logs a hefty bit of ice time every night, and with that responsibility comes the added risk of being out for a couple bad goals. Or a lot of bad goals.

Either way, his hair looked bad, and some blamed his unkempt tresses for his lackluster and disappointing play thus far this season. Sure. There are worse things to blame.

Just as Carlson’s play was appearing to turn a corner, he tweeted out a photo of himself with significantly shorter hair on Monday night. It is unknown who or what prompted the shearing of his blonde mane, but was a welcome change regardless.

Now that he looks like he can actually afford a haircut, people won’t have anything intangible to blame any poor play on. Oh, and he no longer looks homeless, so there’s that. Always a good thing.

It’s all on you now, Johnny.

About Katie Brown

Katie Brown is a Staff Writer for District Sports Page covering the Capitals. She resides in Arlington, VA, and developed a love for the sport of hockey as a youngster while watching her brothers play. Katie works at a nonprofit organization by day but the rest of her time is devoted to watching, writing, and talking about hockey and perfecting her mean one-timer. She is co-host of Girls Just Wanna Have Puck podcast. You can follow Katie on Twitter @katie_brown47.

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