August 9, 2022

Washington Redskins: Jay Gruden, Joe Barry, and DaShon Goldson talk about Cary Williams’ contribution

(Photo by: Evan Habeeb/ Getty Images)

(Photo by: Evan Habeeb/ Getty Images)

The Washington Redskins are hoping that Scot McCloughan‘s magical talent of picking up players off the street that can contribute immediately continues with veteran cornerback Cary Williams. Jay Gruden previously discussed how the Redskins first year general manager has done a nice job of signing players that can come in on Monday to play the following Sunday, which looks to be the case with the former Legion of Boom member.

Jay Gruden believes Williams has “done well” and does not think “there will be an issue as far as the mental part” of the game.” With Baltimore and Seattle running “very similar coverages” it is just a matter of “calling them [coverages] what we call them” since he’s played all of the pro type of coverages before.

Credit is also due to defensive backs coach Perry Fewell and defensive quality control coach Aubrey Pleasant for getting new players “up to speed on short notice” according to Gruden. Since Fewell is busy trying to prepare different situations for Green Bay, Pleasant does an “excellent job” of coaching guys like Williams and getting them ready. Between technology and veteran players like Dashon Goldson and DeAngelo Hall to assist, Gruden believes Williams can “learn this in no time.”

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry was the latest to give credit to Scot McCloughan and the personnel department for bringing in good football players that are also “good guys … that love football.” McCloughan, essentially a coach in Trent Williams mind, also has a “great understanding” of what the coaches are looking for. Unlike in the offseason when you have a chance to watch extensive tape on a certain player, McCloughan is “really, really good” in making player personnel decisions without a drawn out discussion. Players that want to work and understand football, because they have “played a bunch”, make coaches jobs easier. “Cary Williams this week is no different” than Will Blackmon and Mason Foster as “they’re expected to perform” right away.

Barry reiterated Gruden’s point that the “hardest thing is simply terminology” as the Redskins will have a name for cover two that is different than Williams’ previous clubs. The former Ravens star has to get comfortable to the point so that he can “just not think and go play.”

Although Gruden said yesterday that Williams would primarily play outside corner against the Packers, Joe Barry believes the Redskins “can play him anywhere.” Barry does not want to “limit him to just playing in one spot” because he has had experience playing on the edge as well as against slot receivers.

Dashon Goldson, who has grown into the defensive leader in his first year, said the team is “glad to have Cary [Williams] here.” Williams might “get it for the most part”, but any major communication problem could be the difference in a playoff victory or offseason send off. Like Blackmon and Foster have done already, “it’s going to be important for him [Williams] to jump on this bandwagon quick and help us win games.”

With “two really good practices” already under his belt, the Washington Redskins would love to have another quality corner back when they have to do battle with the reigning MVP in Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

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