August 14, 2022

Washington Redskins: Who will the Skins host in the playoffs?

The hard part for the Washington Redskins is over. They have successfully clinched a playoff berth as the NFC East champions. Locked into the fourth seed in the playoffs, the Skins know they will return to FedEx Field one more time this season but have no clue on who they will be facing.

Following Week 16 action, Washington can expect to host the likes of the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, or Minnesota Vikings. Green Bay and Seattle were embarrassed by the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams, respectively, while the Vikings eliminated the Atlanta Falcons by beating the New York Giants. So going into Week 17 here is where we stand:

Packers (10-5) Vikings (10-5) Seahawks (9-6)
vs. Vikings at Packers at Cardinals

Green Bay and Minnesota will play on Sunday Night Football, while Seattle and Arizona play at 4:25 pm so it will not be until late on Sunday that Jay Gruden will know who he needs to game plan for. The Cardinals will have something to play for as a win and Panthers loss, kickoff with the Bucs is also scheduled for 4 pm, would mean the NFC champion must go through the Arizona desert.

The tiebreakers between the trio of potential Redskins opponents works as follows:

  • Green Bay beat Seattle in their lone head-to-head matchup
  • Seattle beat Minnesota in their lone head-to-head matchup
  • The winner of the Green Bay-Minnesota game will be the No. 3 seed in the NFC playoff picture representing the NFC North.

Playoff Scenarios going into Week 17

According to 538’s predictions for next week, the Cardinals have a 68% chance of beating Seattle and the Packers have a 70% chance of winning the NFC North by beating Minnesota. As a result, Washington has a 47.6% chance of playing Minnesota, 30% chance of playing Green Bay, and 22.4% chance of playing Seattle.

If you want the Redskins to play:

  • Vikings: root for the Cardinals and Packers
  • Packers: root for the Vikings
  • Seahawks: root for the Seahawks and Packers

The Washington Redskins will have a formidable opponent, all of whom have their share of strengths and weaknesses, to play in the second weekend of January.

To me, both the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks are experienced franchises that know what it takes to win a Super Bowl. Thus, the Skins would probably like to take their chance against the Vikings, even with Adrian Peterson, who are also relatively new to success in the National Football League.

UPDATED (12/30/2015): The Washington Redskins’ quality control staff are in the process of “breaking down each possible opponent” to get a jumpstart when the club finally does find out who they will be playing. Gruden is “trying to focus on the Dallas game” currently because he does not want to leave his able players hung out to dry but competing.

UPDATED (1/3/2016): With the Green Bay Packers losing to the Minnesota Vikings in the “NFC North Championship” game, the Redskins will host Aaron Rodgers on Sunday afternoon at 4:40 pm on FOX.

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