September 24, 2020

Washington Redskins Practice Audio & Quotes

Audio courtesy Sky Kerstein

Mike Shanahan

On Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers sitting his first several years in the league and if there was a generational shift at quarterback leading up to Robert Griffin III starting as a rookie:

“I spent a little time with Aaron when I was in Tahoe. Played a little golf with him, got a chance to know him a little bit and it was really a unique experience for him being behind somebody like [former Packers quarterback] Brett [Favre], waiting his turn. I thought he handled himself the way you would like your quarterback to handle themselves. He had a lot of class sitting back there, learning, getting a lot of mental reps, getting to feel very comfortable under the system, and when he did get a chance to play he took advantage of it.”

Robert Griffin

On what he learned about himself in the game against Philadelphia:

“I think we learned a lot about our team again. Every year is a new year. You’ve got to find out the identity of your team. I don’t think we found that identity in that first game, but we did find out about the character of this team. It’s similar to the one from last year. We’re going to fight, never going to give up, and that’s something you can be proud about. As far as execution-wise, we weren’t very solid in execution all the first half, and then into the second half we started getting better. So hopefully we can ride that execution into this next game. I think it started in practice today. Guys came ready with the right mindset. It’s not that we didn’t have that last week. You just have a wakeup call sometimes and you’ve got to push even harder, and that’s what we did.”

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

On if he gets a sense of what Lambeau Field means to opposing players and coaches:

“Well, I don’t do a whole lot of chatting before the game, but it’s definitely evident when players do come out of the locker room, just the respect that they have for our history and our tradition, and one thing about Lambeau Field, and I can’t give enough credit to our organization, is the way they go about always trying to upgrade our facilities. This year we have our new south end zone that definitely should make a difference for us as far as the game day and obviously is a beautiful addition for our fans.”

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

On finding balance between using his legs to help his passing game rather than run:

“It’s got to be a feel thing. [Redskins quarterback] Robert [Griffin III] is definitely blessed with a considerable amount of athletic ability, more than I am, but it’s about using your abilities when you extend plays to run when you have to and know when to throw the ball away and also give yourself and your guys enough time to get open. That’s a fine line that we talk about a lot in our room about extending plays or throwing it away, or trying to avoid the unnecessary sacks, so that’s kind of the way we do things.”

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