October 22, 2020

Washington Redskins Practice Update & Audio from Aug. 22

Audio courtesy Sky Kerstein

All the talk out at Redskins park on Thursday was about London Fletcher’s apparent undisclosed concussion last season that led to his balance problems the first few games of the season. Coach Mike Shanahan addressed the issue right off the bat during the interview sessions, stating that there was a certain amount of confusion regarding the injury.

“I recall with London it was more of a balance issue,” Shanahan told reporters. “He wasn’t really sure exactly what it was. He got a lot of tests. I know he got a lot of tests and at the end of the day, I think it was a different experience for him because he is old school. He hasn’t had very many injuries that would set him back, and to have an injury like that where you’re not really sure what it is, something you haven’t experienced, I think it was really tough on him. He did everything he could to get the proper attention, but I think it was tough on him for a while because he wasn’t really sure what it was.”

Shanahan then stressed the importance of players coming forward with head injuries of any kinds.

“It’s much different now in comparison to what it was… I remember a number of quarterbacks come to the sideline and you knew there was something wrong. They’d give him the old one-two-three finger test and they’d go back out there. Times have changed. The education has changed for the right reasons. And so if anybody experiences something like that, we have a procedure to go through and hopefully it’ll help these guys in the future.”

As for on-the-field news, both Mike and Kyle Shanahan feel like Kirk Cousins will not play in Saturday’s preseason game against Buffalo due to the foot sprain he sustained against Pittsburgh.

“I think with Kirk you always say there’s hope. I wouldn’t rule him out but I’d say he would be a longshot. No, we haven’t decided on the rotation. We’re going to look at today’s practice and get a game plan together. But it’ll probably be pretty close to a 50-50 split [between quarterbacks Rex Grossman and Pat White].”

Then there were the daily questions about Robert Griffin III and his status for practice and games.

“It has been a full practice for him. We’ve had a chance to go against cards, we’ve had a chance to go against our defense. So he’s had two excellent days, same thing he would have during the regular season.”

For both Shanahans’ full comments, and those of Fletcher, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and others, please click the links below.

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