February 22, 2020

Washington Redskins Week 12 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

After a blowout loss at the hands of the undefeated Carolina Panthers, the Washington Redskins are now looking to rebound in a division race that they still aren’t out of.

Despite the a handful of blown calls by the officiating crew, I have a hard time not pinning this loss on the Redskins. As head coach Jay Gruden put it, when you lose by 28 points, there’s a much larger problem than a couple of blown. To say that the referees have it out for the team because of the name is shedding light on the wrong topic, and reopens a discussion that the franchise has been working hard to put away.

Take a look at wear the Burgundy and Gold rank among the major weekly power rankings.

ESPN — 22 (Last Week: 22)

“The Redskins are one of three winless teams on the road this season, but are 4-1 at home. The Redskins have division home games the next two weeks.”

Still in the division title race, the Washington Redskins will benefit from the friendly confines of FedExField. They currently face back-to-back games against the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, and they also have the opportunity to gain control of the division. To make these two games even more important, their final two NFC East games will be on the road.

NFL.com — 22 (Last Week: 17)

“Cam Newton just threw a touchdown pass to Derek Anderson as I was typing this sentence. But let’s not relive the Redskins’ drubbing in Carolina. Look at the bright side, ‘Skins faithful: At 4-6 … your team’s right in the thick of the division race! If only the Redskins could cover as well as the media has covered the crappiness of the NFC East …”

It’s no secret that the NFC East is quite possibly the worst division in football. And while the winner of the division will certainly have that asterisk next to this year’s title, what does that matter? The division has done a solid job beating itself up this year as all four teams have a division record at .500. It hasn’t been a pretty season, but the Redskins are still in the playoff chase.

Yahoo Sports — 24 (Last Week: 21)

“In a bad game, it was good to see Washington finally get DeSean Jackson involved, with five catches and 87 yards. That’ll help its offense a lot.”

DeSean Jackson is a huge difference maker for the Redskins’ offense. Truly, he is their lone deep threat. Last year, he averaged over 20 yards per catch on his way to over 1,000 yards receiving. Now that he’s back and healthy, he has to be an integral part of the offense.

FOX Sports — 19 (Last Week: 14)

“The Redskins can’t seem to tackle their road demons — they are 0-5 away from home. Costly penalties and turnovers have been too common during the Jay Gruden era.”

Under the direction of their now second-year head coach, Washington has played in very few contests with which they looked crisp. Against good teams and especially on the road, they haven’t looked prepared. He continues to say that his team has had good weeks of practice, but that practice just isn’t making perfect.

CBS Sports — 24 (Last Week: 22)

“At some point, Kirk Cousins will string together two good games. Of course, it wasn’t close to being his fault in Carolina.”

Agreed. Kirk Cousins didn’t play poorly in Carolina. In fact, the fact that he only threw one interception in that game is an improvement. In each game this season, you can pick out at least one play in which he looks like a long-term option for the Redskins. When you look at his body of work, however, it leaves you scratching your head. He has all the potential in the world and we’ve seen it before, now we just need to see it on a more consistent basis.

USA Today — 22 (Last Week: 15)

“So their nickname also offends officials, among so many others? You’ve now got an excuse to change it, Mr. Snyder.”

There are many things that can be said about the officials following a game, but the last thing this franchises needed was for one of it’s biggest names to bring up the name. You’d think that would be strictly off limits in the locker room, but apparently Jason Hatcher plays by his own rules. It remains to be seen how much that comment will blow up, but the name change controversy was pretty quiet until one of their own opened the discussion in Carolina.

Pro Football Talk — 25 (Last Week: 21)

“Maybe they should fire their defensive coordinator and hire Rob Ryan.”

Washington’s defense gives up 370.1 yards per game, 11th-worst in the NFL. They can’t tackle and the coverage has been suspect. Joe Barry‘s unit has been plagued by injuries, but this certainly isn’t any better than when Jim Haslett roamed the sideline. Rob Ryan probably isn’t the answer, but Barry’s tenure wearing the headset is not off to a dominant start.

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