February 22, 2020

Washington Redskins: Week 13 Thursday Press Conference Wrap Up

With the Washington Redskins set to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football, “a dream” for Kirk Cousins, their first official practice of the week came on Thursday. Head coach Jay Gruden and Cousins addressed the media after an “outstanding” practice.

Gruden is also not taking into account the Cowboys record when preparing for the rivals because they can “dominate the line of scrimmage”. Dallas’ level of physicality is hard to match so Washington will be going at it hard in practice to remove any sense of complacency.

“Key elements of our success” is the Washington Redskins converting on third down. After having a solid stretch, Gruden knows that things have been relatively down in recent weeks and knows things need to be tweaked to get things going again.

Will Compton has “cemented a role as a starter on this team based on his play” according to Jay Gruden. The second year linebacker has been sound while filling in for an injured Keenan Robinson but is versatile enough to also play the jack inside linebacker position that Perry Riley Jr. currently mans. Even though Compton is playing “outstanding”, Robinson will be utilized in Joe Barry‘s defense when he is healthy.

Cousins said he believes any and all experience is valuable for the team. As a result, the experience of others such as Ricky Jean-Francois and DeSean Jackson in their own previous playoff results is also valuable.

Cousins has been playing the position better of late because of his better decision making and intangibles according to Gruden. This has been extremely important when the Redskins run game has not been in the shape that they like it. Cousins is striving to be “great no matter what is going around” him in the same way that Tom Brady did last week without many of his top weapons.

“We have to win to get anything done” so Cousins thinks they are still the hunters and taking that approach to avoid complacency. Trent Williams echoed the same after the Giants game because there is still a lot that can transpire in these last five games of the season. Be that as it may, it is certainly nice to have something to root for this late into the year.

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Neil Dalal is a Staff Writer for District Sports Page covering the Redskins, Wizards, and Maryland Terrapins. Neil grew up in Silver Spring, MD and attends the University of Maryland. Neil has loved everything related to the Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, and Terrapins since he was eight years old. However, he favors the Orioles, as he started watching baseball before the Expos moved to DC. You can follow Neil on Twitter @NeilDalal96.

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