April 21, 2021

Washington Redskins: Week 14 Friday Press Conference Wrap Up

Following the last day of practice during a shortened week, head coach Jay Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay spoke to the media about the road challenge of the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

 The big news out of Redskins Park today was the signing of veteran running back Pierre Thomas because of the loss, at least for this week, of Chris Thompson. Thomas is an “established third-down back … a very good pass protector and good out of the backfield” according to Gruden. Thomas’ comprehension of the game makes Washington thing he can get up to speed “very quickly” as a bright individual. Sean McVay added that he already “looked good” in practice on Friday and is already familiar with a couple of the Redskins’ packages. It will be up to running backs coach Randy Jordan when and if Thomas plays against the Bears.

In Washington’s travel to Chicago, they will run into two familiar faces on the defensive side of the ball in CB Tracy Porter and DE Jarvis Jenkins. McVay has “a lot of respect for” the duo who have both performed better with the Bears than in their tenure with the Redskins. A lot of that might have to do with Chicago’s defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who picked the Bears over the Redskins this past offseason.

McVay addressed DeSean Jackson‘s clear frustration against Dallas as his drive as a “great competitor that wants to be involved.” Clearly the Redskins offensive coordinator does not have a problem with that because it comes “from a good place.” Jackson’s use in the intermediate passing game is “very important”, but his potential as a home run threat is where Washington will need to “try to improve.”

On some of the offensive pass interference calls that were “drive killers” for Washington, it was actually a two fold negative play for the Redskins. Not only were the drives were the penalty was supposedly committed on killed, but McVay said be became a “little bit more hesitant” in calling rub routes in the future even though we have seen it become a major tool in NFL offenses. The blockers will have to be “patient” but still time things well to make sure their man does not get free for a tackle as well. In a subjective rule, Washington certainly got the short end of the stick against Dallas last Monday.

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