October 25, 2020

Washington Redskins: Week 14 Wednesday Press Conference Wrap Up

In the shortened work week following a Monday night game, the Washington Redskins held a walkthrough on Wednesday. Following the latter, head coach Jay Gruden  and quarterback Kirk Cousins addressed the media as they look ahead to the Chicago Bears.

Throughout much of the Cowboys game, Washington was unable to make Matt Cassel feel uncomfortable and allowed him to deliver the ball in a clean pocket. Gruden says that Joe Barry, who does not like to blitz often, is not dialing up many blitzes because of the instability in the secondary. The Redskins do not want to leave their corners on an island, but thinks that as the defensive backs start to become consistent more safety blitzes could be dialed up. Such is a role that both DeAngelo Hall and DaShon Goldson could thrive in.

On an evaluation of the offense, Jay Gruden was fairly frank for one of the first times all year. Gruden knows that Cousins was harassed by Dallas in the pocket, but “he just missed” some deep shots. Such led to some of the early frustration from DeSean Jackson, which surely had something to do with his decision making on his punt return. Cousins said he did notice that his receivers were upset and deftly commented that he “appreciates the input”.

With regards to the running attack, Gruden faulted his backs for cutting back to quickly. He understands that some of the interior blocking, or lack thereof, caused such but still wishes that they would push front side more. The anchor of the interior line, center Josh LeRibeus, will continue to start for Washington even while making multiple mistakes since the acquisition of Brian de la Puente, who is “pushing” for playing time. LeRibeus has gotten better with communication and shotgun snaps, but needs to get better in his protection with Spencer Long and Brandon Scherff.

Cousins was short and sweet to the point today: “we’ve got a job to do.” The Michigan State alum knows that the Chicago Bears are another worthy opponent because “they’ve got players”. As a result, Cousins expects “another NFL matchup with a great defense.” It is tough to say it is a must-win situation for Washington in the dreadful division, but the margin for error continues to get smaller with each and every mistake and loss.

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Neil Dalal is a Staff Writer for District Sports Page covering the Redskins, Wizards, and Maryland Terrapins. Neil grew up in Silver Spring, MD and attends the University of Maryland. Neil has loved everything related to the Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, and Terrapins since he was eight years old. However, he favors the Orioles, as he started watching baseball before the Expos moved to DC. You can follow Neil on Twitter @NeilDalal96.

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