August 10, 2022

Washington Redskins Week 15 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

(Photo by: @Redskins)

(Photo by: @Redskins)

For the first time all year, the Washington Redskins left the friendly confines of FedExField and returned winners.

With a 24-21 victory over the Chicago Bears, the Redskins solidified the fact that they control their own destiny when it comes to the playoffs. Win, and they’re in. It’s that simple.

The pundits have taken notice of the Redskins increasingly good level of play. Just by looking at the power rankings, it’s clear that they are front-runners to win the NFC East division. Check out where they rank.

ESPN — 15 (Last Week: 18)

“Kirk Cousins completed 70 percent of his passes for the sixth time this season in Sunday’s win. The only quarterback with more such games is Russell Wilson (7).”

By the numbers, Cousins is playing out of his mind right now. He’s been smart with the football and efficient. The former Spartan has played far better than just a game manager as he’s on pace for more than 4,000 yards passing. He’s also led several game-winning drives. — 14 (Last Week: 19)

“There’s a tie atop the NFL’s garbage division, but at least it came after the teams in first won.Washington was the first to get its W on Sunday, surprising a few folks with a road win at Soldier Field. Perhaps even more surprising has been the play of Kirk Cousins, who, over the last seven games, has completed 72.1 percent of his passes with 12 touchdowns, three interceptions and a 109.1 passer rating. We played a game of ” Matt Ryan or ???” on the set of “NFL Now GameDay Blitz,” with half the guys taking Cousins over Ryan when his name came up. Eyebrow-raising, huh? Just like the fact that Parker Brothers hasn’t put a patent on ” Matt Ryan or ???” — a board game for the whole family (not available in the Atlanta market)!”

Cousins has now had his season put up against Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan. Both quarterbacks have been heralded for their playmaking ability. Cousins, on the other hand, has never gotten that kind of praise. I’m cautiously optimistic about what we’re seeing out of No. 8.

Yahoo Sports — 15 (Last Week: 17)

“I think the most interesting question of the offseason might be what the Redskins do with Kirk Cousins, who will be a free agent.”

Cousins is in a contract year and playing far better than anyone expected him to as he’s on pace to set franchise records. The question now for the Redskins is whether or not this season has been a fluke. Answer it incorrectly and it will cost them millions.

FOX Sports — 12 (Last Week: 15)

“The Redskins finally got their first road win of the season, and it was no surprise that the offense got going again by leaning on TE Jordan Reed (nine catches, 120 yards, one touchdown).”

Jordan Reed has been a matchup nightmare for every team that the Redskins have played. Through 11 games, he has set career-highs in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. With Washington picking up their first road of the year, perhaps now they’ll be able to go to Philadelphia and Dallas perform better with plenty on the line.

CBS Sports — 12 (Last Week: 17)

“They broke their road-losing streak against the Bears. They face the Bills this week in a big game for both teams.”

For those that believe the Redskins aren’t in a must-win situation against the Bills, it’s their last game at home and Buffalo is a common opponent between Washington and the New York Giants. Should it come down to records against common opponents for the tiebreaker, this Sunday’s game could end up making the difference.

USA Today — 12 (Last Week: 14)

“If they want to keep first place in NFC East, they’ll have to become first ‘Skins team since 2012 with multiple road wins.”

Not only will they have to win multiple road games, they’ll need to win at least two of the three, so back-to-back wins. The Redskins have lost plenty of games in a row, but winning streaks have been hard to come by.

Pro Football Talk — 14 (Last Week: 17)

“Just when they stop winning at home, they figure out how to start winning on the road.”

Well, my response is at least their two most important games remaining are on the road.

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