June 12, 2021

Washington Redskins: Week 9 Thursday Press Conference Wrap Up

After announcing the usual injury update, Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden continued to address the tough challenge of the New England offense, which was also the main theme of defensive coordinator Joe Barry‘s press conference.

Of the many things that Gruden discussed, one was about Brady’s extreme efficiency in quarterback sneaks that Gruden assessed to the recognition of a certain defensive front. Gruden also complimented Brady’s use of the snap count to catch the defense before they are completely ready, one of the major pros of a tempo offense. The Redskins head coach and former quarterback kidded that he hated running sneaks because he “always got killed”.

Gruden did not want to admit that he was going to change the offensive balance because his defense is playing a “high-scoring team” by preaching that the Redskins will “try to continue to do what we’ve been doing and what’s Kirk [Cousins] is comfortable with”. Although many would argue that the Patriots are successful because of how they win at the complex level of the game with “sophisticated ” scheming, Gruden thinks they just have “different ways of approaching their offense and defense”. Even though Gruden tried not to flat out say yes the Patriots can outscheme the Redskins, he knows that it will be an uphill battle especially because it is “so difficult for young quarterbacks” to recognize fronts and coverages.

Returning to a previous theme of third quarter struggles with the Redskins, Gruden thinks “too much emphasis was made on that” because of the relatively small sample size of six games. The head coach would go on to kid that part of the reason for third quarter collapses is because they do not start fast since they do not get the ball since they rarely win the opening coin toss. Gruden was not wrong when he said “we haven’t won one in a long time”.

Barry added onto the sentiments about Tom Brady that Gruden and Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins expressed yesterday. Barry called the New England offense “very, very good” after calling the future Hall of Famer quarterback “phenomenal” and “great”. As much as Gruden discussed the weapons Brady has at his disposal yesterday, Barry said that none of that matters if the team does not tackle better. The Redskins will have to “do the best that they have done all year” in Foxborough according to Joe Barry.

Many Redskins fans were upset when the team could not lure defensive gurus Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell to the DMV over the offseason. Joe Barry was far from the flashy and sexy pick as he was the man behind the Detroit Lions 0-16 defense. However, you have to give credit to where credit is due as Barry turned around a garbage defense from last year, which actually catalyzed offenses, and is doing it without some of his best players. Barry nearly drooled at the idea of having Chris Culliver, DeAngelo Hall, and Bashaud Breeland playing on the same field by saying “that’d be sweet, wouldn’t it?”.

Barry hopes that pressure and sound tackling will help the defense contain Brady because he finds it “hard to trick any veteran quarterback”.

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