August 9, 2022

Washington Redskins: What did Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy think about the Skins post game?

Following the Washington Redskins playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, players from the visiting team started to mock the Burgundy and Gold. On his way to the locker room, wide receiver Randall Cobb mocked the catchphrase of quarterback Kirk Cousins by shouting “You Like That!?” on his way to the locker room. Rookie defensive back Damarious Randall followed suit on Twitter after the conclusion of the game.

(Photo by: @Packers)

(Photo by: @Packers)

Unlike the immature behavior of the Packers, who probably do not even realize Cousins capitalized on the moment of passion for a charitable cause, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy took time to acknowledge the Redskins worthiness as an opponent.

On the Washington franchise as a whole, McCarthy believes they are a “good football team” with “good balance throughout the team.” The Packers head coach would go on to describe Kirk Cousins as “really impressive, not only today but through the film study.”

The Packers had “a lot of respect for their [Redskins] perimeter group [receivers].” Luckily for Green Bay they got pressure without blitzing which allowed them not to get burned in coverage. For example, when Washington was already up 5-0 they had to punt the ball following a sack from Clay Matthews, where Cousins had DeSean Jackson wide open for a walk-in touchdown if he is simply able to get the ball to him.

McCarthy also credited Jordan Reed for his Redskins franchise record-breaking performance. The Florida Gator product took advantage of the matchups in the middle of the field again two-shell coverages. Green Bay also took note of “some good catches” including the first half touchdown but more notably this sick one-handed grab that potentially saved a pick-six dagger.

Redskins defensive coordinator Joe Barry will probably have the fans upset by not blitzing, which allowed Aaron Rodgers plenty of time in the pocket. McCarthy thinks the Packers pass protection was better as a result of the efficient ground game which may have handcuffed Barry. What McCarthy was actually worried about from Barry’s defense was their opportunistic nature.

“Joe Barry is an excellent football coach. We were really concerned about protecting, the way they take the ball away.”

It was clear that Green Bay was the better team large in part of their experience, but it is nice to be appreciated by a Super Bowl winning head coach.

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  1. As a lifelong Packers fan living in the area I witnessed first hand the giddiness of the local media and most players/coaches leading up to the game. The fans and media had an unjustified and irrational belief that they had a better than average chance to advance in the playoffs. The “You Like That” chant, though used by Cousins for a charitable cause, was the local team’s battle cry leading up to the game. The game towel, the Redskins fans screaming “you like that” at the Packers throughout the game contributed to a few Packers throwing the catch phrase back at them. To call the Packers immature for these few comments is being a sore loser. And a loser to a much superior Packers team they were. Grow up. One day maybe the Redskins can make the varsity.

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