October 22, 2020

Washington Wizards Game 52 Postgame Audio: Wittman, Beal, Wall & Booker

Audio courtesy Sky Kerstein. Quote Sheet provided by Wizards P.R.


On the Wizards’ offense tonight:

“It’s going to be hard for us, the way our team is made up, to win games playing like this. It’s hard to overcome. And we keep making a push and cutting it, but offensively, you’re right. We just never really got into a flow or rhythm all night long. And we paid for it.”

On the Wizards’ struggles tonight:

“You’ve got to stay with it. It can turn like that. But I don’t know if we always give ourselves a chance to let it turn when it goes bad, as individuals. And you’ve got to stay in it. You never know when it could turn.”


On the game: “We have to blame ourselves. We are the ones playing and the ones out there who have to make shots. We didn’t put the ball in the hole and we didn’t get stops. Yes, they did make a lot of tough shots, but we gave up at the end. We just have to keep battling through the whole game.”

On Coach Wittman thinking they hang their heads when things go wrong: “I think that’s true. You hate playing bad, if you’re not playing well and the first thing you are going to do is ‘Ah, oh man, we’re not playing good.’ It affects your mind, it affects the rest of your play on both ends of the floor. I think as a team and as an individual, you have to say ‘What else can I do to impact the game?’ I think that’s what I learned earlier in the year. When I have bad games now, I still get frustrated, but I just play, and if I’m not making shots, I just play good defense.”

On John Wall: “It’s really mental with John. John wants to play well every game. He always tells me, I’m not going to play well every game, and sometimes the advice he gives me, he doesn’t take his own advice. John’s going to be fine. He had tough night, I’ve had tough nights, everybody has a tough night. He’s just got to stick with it and make sure that he’s mentally tough. He’s got to do other things to impact the game. He needs to realize he’s still making an impact whether he’s scoring or not.”


On his troubles:

“I just didn’t make shots. They got in the zone, took the ball out of the passing lanes. It was one of those nights we didn’t make open shots and we missed a couple of easy layups.”

On Toronto’s defense:

“They did nothing special. Some of them (our passes) were careless, like throwing the ball out of bounds, setting screens out of bounds. They did nothing defensively to us.”

On the game:

“I’ll burn it and look forward to the next one. It’s the first game back after the break. You don’t hold your heads.”

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