August 14, 2022

Washington Wizards Game 43 Postgame Audio: Wittman, Wall, Webster & More after loss to Kings

WASHINGTON–The Washington Wizards fell just short of their sixth home win in a row as they lost 96-94 to the Sacramento Kings on a last second floater by the 5’9″ Isaiah Thomas.

“We didn’t have anybody that could guard him,”  Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman said about Thomas.  “I couldn’t find anyone that could guard him tonight. That was disappointing, especially as the game went on. He got anywhere he wanted to. Right, left, and the kid made the play at the end.”

Thomas ended up with 22 points and on the final play, with only 13 seconds remaining in the game, Wittman put in Garrett Temple to guard Thomas.  It was the first action Temple had seen all game.

“It was tough for him to put him in that situation,”  Wizards guard John Wall said on Temple being put on Thomas at the end.  “Especially just not playing the whole game and getting right in.”

The Wizards ended up with 20 assists and 20 turnovers for the game actually had more turnovers than assists in the second half.  Veteran Martell Webster shared his thoughts on that dubious stat.

“It’s embarrassing because we want to show everybody that we can execute.”

It was one of the worst games in a while for the Wizards and Randy Wittman summed it up.

“We fell victim to doing too much individually,” Wittman said. “Whenever we have more turnovers than assists, that means we’re trying to do too much on an individual basis. I thought we fell victim to that in the second half.”

John Wall didn’t think the game should have been so close.

“We felt like we gave them the game…we had times we could’ve put them away, but we just didn’t.”

Bradley Beal, who has been battling a wrist injury, didn’t play much in the second half, but says he wasn’t told why he was taken out.

“The wrist is fine, it was tonight anyway.”

Wittman said he thought the wrist was bothering Beal.  Beal said he would talk it over with the trainers and his agent on the next step with his wrist.

Listen here to what Randy Wittman, John Wall, Martell Webster & Bradley Beal had to say following the loss.

Randy Wittman Postgame Audio

01-28-13 Randy Wittman Postgame RAW

John Wall Postgame Audio

01-28-13 John Wall Postgame RAW

Martell Webster Postgame Audio

01-28-13 Martell Webster Postgame RAW

Bradley Beal Postgame Audio

01-28-13 Bradley Beal Postgame RAW



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